.⭐︎* New Lashes & New Nails *⭐︎.

 Hello Everyone! 

I got some new lashes so I tried them on for the first time tonight. 

I first saw Chris post about them and I knew I wanted to try them! I bought them immediately and they probably took like a month to arrive.

I honestly forgot I bought the for a while though so it didn't feel very long ww.

Here is the listing.

I always wear ICYCHEER bottom lashes, but I've never tried their top lashes because I had another kind I like, but the band on those is REALLY thick so I want to find ones that are more comfortable.

I was really excited about the extra thick sectioning in the middle, I thought they would be very eye enlarging because of that.

Even though my makeup wasn't going exactly how I wanted today I still think the lashes made it look pretty cute. they have longer hairs on the inner corner than I'm used to wearing so they give a new shape to my eye which is exciting.

I also did new nails for tonight cause I haven't had them done in a while.

I have been really bored of black and white and clear cause that's all the colors I have! So I got creative and used a face glitter I have laying around.
I find the idea of putting big chunky glitter near my eyes really horrifying so I'll never wear it anyways.

They're really simple, I was planning to also add gems to them. I'd like to put butterfly pieces as well if I had them....

That's all for today!
Bye for Now!


✧✳︎ Kanji Speedrun ✳︎✧

 Hello Everyone!

This is a stupid blog post that I feel a little embarrassed writing ww.

Ever since I was a kid I've been notoriously terrible at rote memorization, for example, I never even memorized my times tables.... But I hate that. I also don't want to be jp illiterate anymore, so I was reading and doing research about language study again recently. From some things I was reading, apparently it's humanly possible for someone to memorize 25-30 new kanji per DAY???? How the hell!? Anyways my pride was really hurt by that so I decided I wanted to try it and see how far I get ww.

I'm sure most of y'all have heard this before, but if you didn't know: the Japanese Ministry of Education have outlined 2136 kanji (常用漢字) as the baseline necessary number of kanji to be functionally literate and able to read government documents, etc. I'm unwilling to do exact math (again, never memorized my times tables) but that should take no more than 4 or 5 months if I REALLY brain blast, right? 

Anyways, this blog post is an accountability thing. I'll write another post in, let's say, 6 months and see how far I've gotten. I'm tired of feeling like one of those "I'm learning Japanese UWU" people, I want to be one of those ACTUALLY LEARNING people.

By the way, here's what I use to study currently:

(These two brought me from 0 comprehension to Kana literacy in like 1 month ⤵︎)
PastelKana: THE BEST Kana flashcards I've ever found. Super simplistic and pretty interface and (to my memory) pretty affordable for full access.
Writing Order Hiragana: Super helpful handwriting practice game. The interface is really ugly, but it really helps. The creators also have others including for Kanji!

Learn Japanese! - Kanji: 10/10 recommend. JLPT based Kanji rote memorization app. Takes you from the very basics to N1 level. super simplistic. I think it was a little pricier though but I really don't remember.
imiwa?: Also known as wwwjdic I think. Multilingual, intuitive, non-native Japanese dictionary. Necessary life saver to have around.

Additionally: Google Translate (yeah I know but hear me out) specifically bec ause the handwriting feature doesn't care about stroke order, or horrid handwriting, so if you aren't yet confident about stroke order, and you don't know how it's read, you can use GT to get the text for the Kanji you want to look up. I find this really useful because other sites who have this feature often can't tell what the hell kanji I'm trying to write...

 ➤ Also, for even greater accountability, I'd love to set up like a competitive study group or something on discord if anyone else wants to join? I know those never pan out, but I'd like to not feel so alone and lost here so hit me up ww.

So, I'll see y'all again on this topic in half a year I guess? 

Bye For Now!


.⭐︎* Substyle vs Title *⭐︎.

Hello Everyone!

This was a topic request so don't blame me for this one.
Y'all know I don't like substyles cause I don't shut up about it, but specifically today I'm gonna talk about three things:

Oneegyaru, Rokku, and Kogal. Did you know that they aren't substyles at all?

So, let's start off with "why do we think they are?". The simple answer is that the comm used to explain them that way for the sake of simplicity, but often only after one stayed in the comm for years would they learn that that wasn't the case, and most gals haven't been in it for that long. Well, things evolve, and most of the information and sources that are out there for English speaking gals is severely outdated.

Onee Gyaru

Let's start with Onee, "お姉さん"/"おねえさん” is an honorific used for your biological older sister, or an older female acquaintance. In this context, it literally means older gal. It's mostly used to denote a veteran gal. Onee Gyaru is a title that you earn from being in gyaru for many years, and usually after transitioning into a more mature style of dress and out of the immature flashy style, but not always. The clothes that you see referred to as "Onee style" are just more mature clothes meant for older women, but not all Onee gals wear those. There are many older gals who have been in the community for over a decade who still wear youthful colorful clothes.

↝⤳ Input from Sei: Trendy mature brands like GYDA and Emoda are often miscredited as "Onee style". They basically produce the same style clothes and concepts as western shops like ZARA or Aritzia.

OneeGyaru is a title you earn, not a style you do.


On the reverse end, Kogal is the same thing. KoGal is a shortening of Kōkōsei Gyaru. "高校生"/"こうこうせい” is the term for senior highschoolers. KoGal literally just means high school aged gal. This is one of the original terms for gyaru as a whole, because it was (and is) mostly teenagers participating in it. 

This is also a title one is given based on their age, and calling yourself "teenager style" feels a little weird right? ww


Rokku is the hardest of these to describe with simplicity. "Rokku" is just a Japanese pronunciation of "Rocker". In the context of gyaru, it means a gyaru who is a fan of heavy music, usually Visual Kei. So, liking the music, going to concerts, etc, is the defining feature. "Rokku style" clothing is basically identical to the way that Goth or Punk's defining feature is music fandom, but you can also visually identify "goth style" clothes. 

Therefore, Rokku is a title you earn and a thing you do.

All this is to say, if you like something, don't just say it, DO IT. If you are something, you won't have to tell everyone, everyone will know.

That's all I have to say. I hope this is what y'all wanted it to be.

Bye for Now. ♡ 


.✧* Painful Truths About Gyaru *✧.

 Hello Everyone!

Today is gonna be a bit of a rough post that might be a little unpopular, but I still want to write it. I hope you all like it anyways. There are some things about gyaru that I think many people choose to ignore, which cause them to hold themselves back from success. No one can make gal into something it's not, even if they try, there are inherent truths about it that will always apply no matter what kind of gal you are. It might hurt, but we need to face those truths. 

You do have to look gal to be gal.

Yeah, there is a "gal spirit", yeah, gyaru is a subculture and lifestyle, not just a fashion, but Gyaru is a VISUAL based subculture. To be identified as gyaru, and identified by other gals, to be gyaru, there is a minimum of visual identifiability you need to achieve. It's totally fine if you're living your own life doing your own thing posting on your own socials and doing as you like, but please just don't be upset if you're trying to gain approval or involvement in the community, or if you don't want to receive comments about not being gal all the time, if you don't want to look gyaru at all, because you will have a hard time.

Gyaru is an investment.

Gyaru is high maintenance, it's going to require a lot of cosmetic upkeep, and you're going to find quickly that there's a lot of things you want to buy. That doesn't mean "it's expensive" or "you have to spend a lot", but it does mean it's something you have to put some amount into in order to get good things out of it. Time, Money, Energy, Mental Real Estate. If you aren't in a place in your life where you can really do that, Gyaru might not be a good thing for you to get into until you can.

(The response "I'm poor" every time someone gives you criticism doesn't serve you, I'm literally broke, unemployed, and don't have a home so this response really hurts and annoys me personally. You can definitely be gal on a budget, but you HAVE to be willing to put in something. If you're not, gal isn't the thing for you.)

Gyaru isn't subtle, it's always going to be dramatic.

If you are a person who is very shy and doesn't like standing out, you aren't going to like gyaru. If you try to do gal while taking away all the stuff that makes it look extreme, you're going to be stuck not looking gal in the end. You have to pick which you want: flashy style or not attracting attention. If you're a kid and you have strict parents or school, You'll either have to go against them or wait until you're away from them. That's how it is. 

Gyaru brand clothes (mostly) aren't valuable.

I'm really sorry to tell you, but if you bought a $70 ALBA ROSA shirt off of depop, you were ripped off. Gyaru brand isn't valuable just because it's brand, and you're going to lose money on resale if you import it. There are specific things that are more or less valuable than others because of high demand, but almost nothing (old) is worth more than $20 USD a piece tbh. This is why no one in the comm buys from western marketplaces. The quality of most brands are also pretty bad, which is part of why the resale value is so low.

(Click to see the prices clearly)

There are going to be some things that look gal on the models, but don't look gal on you.

This really sucks, but cultural relativism is a bitch. Sometimes you'll see a makeup look you like or an outfit you think is cute, but it just will not look gal when taken out of the context of Japanese society and Japanese features. Some things that Japanese gals do would just look normie on a western person. You just have to find something else that will work, or some other way to do it. Don't be offended if you're told something doesn't read as gal, it's not because "you're not gal ever period", it just means that you'll have to try something else.

(A while ago, I tried a Ranzuki makeup tutorial, and it DID NOT look gal on me.)

Gal is a commitment.

Not everyone is an extreme 1000% "full beat every single day" gal, but gyaru is inherently a lifestyle which requires HEAVY self modification, I often think "if a gal can change something about their appearance, they will". If you are a person who REALLY likes to keep their natural appearance and never wants to make any big changes, you probably won't enjoy gal at all. The Gal-O-Meter is a good tool to help you understand what I mean, as Hair, Makeup, Nails, and Tan are all commitments one might not be willing to make.

(Click to view clearly)

It's okay to have different styles.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO PICK A SUBSTYLE. You can wear something girly and frilly one day and something dark and biker-style the next day. You can wear something thats not definable. You don't have to pick one thing. If someone asks you what your substyle is, you can say "nothing". You're allowed. The majority of the source material we use has no clear substyle categorization anyways, because no one needs to care about it.

It’s okay if gyaru is just a stop on your fashion journey, and not the destination.

If you saw anything in this post that made you think, or in general if you're finding that you're not really enjoying gal as much as you thought you would. If you're finding that you never want to make any of those commitments, wear any of those clothes, or do any of those things people are suggesting to you. Gyaru might just not be the right thing for you. That's Okay.

Not every person on the planet wants to be gyaru. It's not for everyone. Also, sometimes people really like gyaru for some time, and then want to move on. That's 100% okay. There is no loss of pride or respect in just moving on to something else and choosing not to pursue gyaru anymore. You might be able to put your focus into finding the thing you DO want to do.

It's also completely okay to just be "gyaru inspired". It would be more respectful to the community, though, if you didn't spam comm spaces with "gyaru inspired" content.

It's okay to just be YOU, you don't have to make yourself fit into a category or under a label if it doesn't work for you.

That's all for today. I'm sorry for writing something controversial. All this isn't to tell people not to try gal, it isn't to tell people to go away, it isn't to tell people they aren't good enough. I would LOVE to help every single one of you reach your full gal potential, and I am absolutely willing to help anyone who comes to me and is willing to try their best. 

Bye for Now. ~

Pink Transparent Star